Burger King announced the release of a dessert version of its signature Whopper burger—the Chocolat Whopper. The Fast food giant released a video on their Facebook page showing the Chocolate Whopper, including a chocolate cake bun replacing the regular traditional bread bun, a “flame-grilled chocolate patty” in place of the meat patty, raspberry syrup (ketchup), white chocolate (onion) rings, candied blood oranges (as tomatoes), milk chocolate (lettuce) leaves and vanilla frosting (mayo) to top it all off. This video matched all the norms of an actual fast food commercial, and attracted over 1.55 million views on Youtube and 2.5k retweets. Fans were left anxious as the campaign ended on a cliffhanger, announcing that the Whopper – ‘will be coming soon..maybe’
While the prank was obvious, there were many comments online in response to the ad such as – “The last thing I’d thought I want in my Burger King Burger is some chocolate. But as it turns out, that is what I want more than any other food right now.”