Chegg – the American online textbook rental and tutoring company launched the product that’s on top of every student’s wishlist – an Osmosis Memory Pillow. In the video that was launched to accompany the announcement, Chegg claimed that students could memorize an entire texbook by placing it underneath the pillow and sleeping on it. The video shows a student struggling with his final exam. He s advised to buy the Chegg pillow to help him memorize his entire calculus course, and also to get enough sleep for the first time since freshman year. Chegg claimed that the Osmosis Pillow’s proprietary patent pending memory foam will actually improve. Because the way Chegg sees it, memory foam shouldn’t just remember you – it should remember everything FOR you.”Humans only sleep seven to eight hours per night, and for students that is probably closer to three. With this pillow students can end all nighters, actually get some sleep, and improve their grades,” said Dmitry Panov, Chief Sleep Scientist, at Chegg. “This memory foam was developed by a top-secret team of engineers in Zurich using special blends of matcha and lavender and was tested all summer long on our interns. The Chegg Osmosis pillow is really the stuff dreams are made of.”The Chegg Osmosis Pillow is available in both regular and travel sizes. Perfect for students that want to learn an entire semester’s worth of Physics in one night, or students looking for a quick study session and power nap before the exam.Chegg even created a fully functioning website for the pillow which even had reviews such as – “I bought a Chegg Osmosis Pillow and traded all of my old pillows to the guy down the hall for a burrito. Now I have a better pillow, better grades, and a full stomach. #YAS”