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Australia’s is the country’s largest online educational course directory, and it’s launched a course called “Diploma of Human Survival (AI) (SKYN37)” to prepare humans for an apocalyptic future. The course website features warnings from Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking about the dangers of Artifical Intelligence and offers subjects to avoid Bot detection.

The site predicts that after the robot uprising in the year 2022, our species would be under constant attack and the machines will inevitably calculate that in order for the earth to sustain life long term, that the human population must be controlled. The objective of the course is described as ‘Preparing our young ones for a dystopian future, arming them with the most basic skills for survival in the post-apocalyptic wasteland’.

The site even has some clever bits: you can subscribe to the course for either 6.5 bitcoin or 12 “untainted” potatoes, and there are individual course units like SCAV101 – Scavenging Food, AVDE101 – Avoiding Detection, INRU101 – Identifying Intruders and SHELT1010 – Shelter. The course runs for 4 days and has a 72% survival rate, but at the end, one will be able to work as  a “Bunker Security Specialist,” a “Gasoline Boy,” or a “Bot Detection Specialist.” The course is offered only in one location – “Wasteland Bunker Echo” formerly known as Canberra!