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New Zealand’s most popular sporting venue, the Eden Park stadium announced their new revenue stream – renting the stadium out to graze t 10,000 Perendale sheep!

Eden Park Trust chief executive Nick Sautner told the Herald that diversification was the reason behind the move.“We live and breathe sporting history here, day in and day out,” he said, complete with video of sheep grazing on the park.“But we also realize the meat industry is one of New Zealand’s biggest export earners and we want to be part of that to help our bigger plans for Eden Park come to life.“The All Blacks are unbeatable at Eden Park and we’re going to provide a sustainable product that will be exported globally, and Eden Park, the world’s most famous rugby venue, may well become the world’s most famous exporter of lamb.”

The video features the Turf manager speaking about the year-long project and how steps have been taken to ensure high-quality grass for the sheep and other users. The CEO of the stadium said that this will bring in more revenue during the off-season and will give spectators to visit an organic urban grazing park.

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