Heinz [Seriously] Good Chocolate Mayonnaise

BIG NEWS! Heinz Chefs have been seriously busy recently, creating a delicious new recipe, Heinz [Seriously] Good CHOCOLATE Mayonnaise!

Posted by Heinz UK on Sunday, April 1, 2018


Heinz UK came up with a video on Facebook announcing the next big culinary revolution – Chocolate Mayonnaise, or as Heinz call it – Heinz (Seriously) Good Chocolate Mayonnaise. The video features chefs at Heinz working on the product by bringing together the traditional mayonnaise with the best Belgian dark chocolate to produce the perfect Chocolate delight in time for Easter. The video gained over 340,000 views on Facebook.

“It’s hard to improve on perfection, but we think we might have done it,” said a Heinz spokesperson.
“Mayonnaise? Seriously good! Chocolate? Really good! Chocolate Mayonnaise? Scrumptious perfection!
“We have noticed the trend for using mayonnaise in place of eggs and oil in chocolate cakes, brownies and tarts closely over the last few years, and creating Heinz [Seriously] Good Chocolate Mayonnaise seemed like the logical focus for the culinary creators of our [Seriously] Good range.”