Lexus joined forces with 23&Me, a genomics and Biotechnology company to take their car customization to the next level. In this program, buyers are required to hand over a DNA sample and in rerturn Lexus promises to deliver a completely customized car within 48 hours.

The video features a customer receiving a custom-built Lexus built for their height, color choice and radio preference.
If someone is analyzed as being “48 percent more likely to consume high levels of caffeine,” for instance, according to the Genetic Select website, the vehicle a buyer would end up with would feature “enlarged cupholders.” If he’s “51 percent more susceptible to back pain,” then the Lexus vehicle that shows up in his driveway would include a “custom-configured, 28-way power front seat.” And if she’s “81 percent more likely to be thrill-seeking,” she’ll be individually matched with a Lexus carrying a “naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 engine.” And so on.
The cars even come with Olfactory calibration that controls the air-con to provide a custom smell. The windows tint based on the susceptibility to freckling and the windshield change curvature based on the eyewear prescription. And Lexus got rid of the key by installing a tongue-sensitive ignition control.

A 30-second-commercial version of Lexus’s April Fool’s joke was screened in the United States during ‘Saturday Night Live’ on cable TV network Comedy Central.