Swiss-based electronics firm Logitech recently announced their new product aimed at easing business communications worldwide – ‘Business Speak Detection Software’ or succinctly known as ‘The BS Detector’. The video launched on Youtube featuring Logitech’s Director of Design explains how the new product will eliminate confusing and insincere business speak such as “We’re corraling key decisions into a real-time thought shower.”.

Logitech is incorporating all of their Video conferencing equipment with Integrated BS detection. The system uses machine learning algorithm and spatial location to recognize and detect BS language. The video shows how the systems works in real life, wherein when someone speaks in Business jargon, the BS panel on the side of the screen lights up!
“How does it work? BS Detection’s razor-sharp optics monitor and evaluate speakers’ facial expressions, catching and alerting meeting participants’ insincere business speak in real time. The software also monitors the audio stream in for subtle vocal clues signaling BS.”, the company website said.
Even Logitech’s President and CEO got into the act. The BS detector lit up when he claimed that he came up with the idea and most of the important parts of BS Detection.

The Press release ended on a cheeky note saying – “We want BS Detection to pave the way to a more BS-aware world, and we look forward to our customers stripping the BS out of their day-to-day communications. If you’re tired of all the BS, please share this news and feel free to provide your feedback in the comments below so we can continue to optimize this groundbreaking software.”