Melbourne based Online Banking Firm, ME Bank, introduced the world’s first readily disposable, 100% recyclable debit card called ‘Chuck’. The bank created the card with the messiness of life in mind, understanding that customers regularly lose multiple cards.

Rendered in unpretentious cardboard and reinforced with cutting-edge interior corrugation, Chuck will bring a tiny slice of shabby chic to your wallet. It comes in a sheet of six ready-to-lose cards – so if you misplace Chuck, you can just shrug and pop another one out, ready to use. Chuck’s website listed it’s key features as :
– 100% biodegradable. Toss your card guilt-free – and let it return to the earth. It’s the circle of life.
– Instant limits. Spending too much on a big night out? Just tear up Chuck on the spot: problem solved.
– Burn baby burn. Chuck is extremely flammable – use it as a firelighter or to nonchalantly light a cigarette.
– Spin cycle. Left your card in your pocket on washing day? When one Chuck dissolves, another steps up.
– Forget about it. Left Chuck at the local coffee shop? No worries – they can just bin it with your leftover cronut.

The website even had a very funny legal terms paragraph at the end stating: This is general advice only. You should check whether Chuck™ is right for you. Chuck™ should only be destroyed in a safe and reasonable manner. ME is not responsible for any flood or fire damage that comes from the process of destroying Chuck cards. Enough Chuck cards are provided for you to lose three (3) cards per week. If you’re losing your stuff more often than that, we can’t help you. Also, Chuck isn’t a real thing, so there’s that too. Still reading? Shout out to mum, dad and everyone else who got me here, writing fake terms and conditions and generally living the dream.

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