“KitKat shaped soap that you can eat! That was Nestlé UK & Ireland’s contribution to this year’s April Fools day. But,
unlike many of the April Fools attempts you may have seen from brands around the world, this was different. There was no creative agency involved, no huge budget and no professional actors. KitKat soap’s spoof launch video, press release, and other materials were all created in-house and features Nestlé apprentices in the starring roles.

The team mentioned the work of their ‘soapologists’ working together to combine the taste of KitKat with soap! The soap comes in 3 variations – the bite (for on-the-go wash), the chunky (for deep cleans) and the forefinger (for the everyday ritual). The video even features an expert from the HQ in  ‘Soaptovia’ who developed the product after various tests to come up with edible soap in the iconic form.”

Ellie Worley, Senior Brand Manager for KitKat said:
“KitKat is all about breaks and we recognize that some of the best breaks come when resting in a luxurious bath or enjoying an invigorating shower. As the universal symbol of the break, it’s only natural that KitKat is right there beside you.”