In the golden age of online video and movie streaming, the demand for couch-comfort products has gone up. Everyone suffers from the problem of being unable to use the remote with sticky fingers that have touched food. Roku found a solution to this first-world problem by inventing motion sensing socks called ‘Roku Happy Streaming socks’.
Roku says that its Streaming Socks are a convenient alternative to controlling shows and navigating menus when your hands are messy from snacking while watching TV.

These socks are designed to interact with the Roku interface based on the motion of your feet – swipe to browse the home screen, tap the toes to select, click the heels to play and wiggle the toes to access the site’s free entertainment. The socks are engineered for happiness and the engineers even went ahead to install a heating option in the socks for the cold winter couch nights – all in the click of a button.

Roku was aware that socks are notorious for getting lost, which is why their interface device comes with a locator button, pressing this commands the socks to beep loudly and this will help you locate it sooner.

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