Sparkling water supplier, SodaStream came out with their new product this April Fool’s – Sodasoak. SodaStream took their technology of producing sparkling water to drink into the bathtub by developing a new machine that bubbles the water in the bathtub!

The video launched features Israeli reality TV star Reza Farahan thanking the Sodasoak for his good looks. The entire video is set up as an infomercial while Reza describes the new innovative product which he says is, ‘A whole new way to enjoy sparkling water by bathing in it.’

He goes on to explain that the new machine comes with 3 different carbonation settings – “sparkling bubbles”, “dazzling bubbles” and “Ohmygosh bubbles”. Sodasoak comes with a range of exotic scented bath oils to enhance the experience. The video quickly went viral and gained over 3.1Million views of Youtube!