WestJet is known for their viral marketing videos, which just about any traveler can appreciate, whether you’ve flown with them or not. For the past several years the airline has published April Fools’ videos.Their most popular one was back in 2012, when they claimed that they’d be introducing Kargo Kids, allowing adults to travel on child-free flights. For 2018, they got in on the tech trend of Voice-activated Digital Assitants, by introducing ‘Westjetter’. The Westjetter comes with basic features of any other AI assistant – change flight timings, order pre-flight dinners, book a vacation, etc. But Westjet have added an extra feature for their premium members. Using this feature, passengers can order their doppleganger to take their place in meetings, birthdays or even anniversaries. The aim of Westjetter is to not only make travel easier for the passenger but to make their entire life easier.