#18 | Honda – Pastport

The 2019 Honda Passport Pastport trim is an April Fool’s joke that makes a strong argument for why nostalgia for the 1990s can’t end soon enough. The automaker’s prank wants people to know that the company also remembers all the cliched parts of the decade like slap bracelets and roller blades. 

Honda puts the emphasis on the Pastport’s simplicity in comparison to the relative complexity of modern vehicles. The closest thing to an infotainment system here is the digital clock. The HVAC controls are just a pair of knobs with a lever in between them. Automatic windows, coin holder, and air conditioning are also among the amenities. Want to listen to that giant binder of CDs? Then plug in the Discman through the cassette adaptor.



Entertainment Value 67%
Quality of Execution 67%
Opportunistic Absurdity 80%
Brand Relevance 80%
Cultural Impact Potential 57%