#6 | Swoop Airlines – Recline-for-a-Dime

The airline brand, Swoop offers passengers the ability to insert a dime into the armrest in exchange for 30-minute timed intervals of additional seat recline. Swoop added, “For years, ULCC’s have been targeted for having cramped, unfriendly seats. Wanting to dispel this stereotype, Swoop conceived Recline-for-a-Dime™ while inadvertently discovering a few added benefits.” Steven Greenway, President of Swoop, added, “Lie-flat luxury seating seems to be all the rage these days… It’s a pivotal moment in the world of ultra-low-cost travel and only the beginning for product innovation at Swoop.”



Entertainment Value 93%
Quality of Execution 87%
Opportunistic Absurdity 70%
Brand Relevance 77%
Cultural Impact Potential 83%