#12 | Timex – The 25th Hour

The company that brought the world the first wristwatch… INDIGLO – the first lighted watch… the first smart watch… and the first quartz, among many other innovations, brings to the world the next generation of timekeeping: THE 25TH HOUR.

Time. It is the most valuable resource mankind has ever known. And now, in an event unprecedented in human history, there is: MORE TIME. Introducing THE 25TH HOUR. A revolutionary new timepiece that doesn’t simply tell time, it creates more of it – altering the space-time continuum as we know it.

“At Timex, we’ve always worked 24/7 to innovate, push the envelope, to really make something special,” says CEO Tobias Reiss-Schmidt. “Project 25 will change everything. It’s literally taken generations to get here. But we’ve made every second count. And, it was all worth it.”

Now at TIMEX, we don’t just make timepieces… we make time.



Entertainment Value 73%
Quality of Execution 87%
Opportunistic Absurdity 70%
Brand Relevance 77%
Cultural Impact Potential 73%