American Telecommunications Giant, T-Mobile introduced the world’s first Smart shoe phone – ‘T-Mobile Sidekicks’. The launch video featured the shoe-phone with a flip-out screen like the original iconic phone – Sidekick, only it pops out of the side of the sole. The shoe is supported by T-Mobile’s 4G SIM card which slots in the outer edge of one shoe.

The shoes also have a display that takes up the entire bottom of the sole of one shoe while the other features “Sole speakers” and retractable Smart Laces that double as earbuds. The shoes have a camera in the front, thus making the user’s leg a ‘selfie-stick’, that is if they are very flexible! Contact information can be shared quickly by tapping toes with another Sidekicks owner. The kicks will also light up when there’s an incoming call.
There’s even a “Hey Sidekicks” voice assistant, which features the soothing voice of T-Mobile’s own CEO, John Legere-in real time!

“At T-Mobile, we’re known for listening to our customers, and we heard loud and clear they want T-Mobile Sidekicks,” said Legere in the phone’s webpage. “The carriers would never be this responsive — the Duopoly’s busy brainstorming ways to gouge their customers instead of giving them what they want! That’s not how we roll. The Un-carrier will always be a step ahead (see what I did there?) in the fight to give customers more. Plus, T-Mobile Sidekicks just look dope AF. So. Much. Magenta!”

The video gained over 370,000 views and the company even had the shoes for purchase for $65 before April. They don’t have any of the smart features, though, as they’re regular ol’ sneaks. But T-Mobile says “They are magenta AF.”